5 Reasons to Join Vstudio

February 28, 2022
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Perhaps we’ve piqued your curiosity, but not enough to bring you fully onboard Vstudio. That’s OK — we’re prepared to campaign for your attention with our top five reasons for joining the platform. Still not convinced? Let us know what you want to read, watch or listen to and we’ll pull all the strings to get you over the line!  

1) Find/build community in your industry

From the beginning, we recognized the value of human-to-human connection. While we strive to meet people in real life as much as possible, we can’t match the reach of a digital community. With Vstudio, we want to bring thousands of people together with a common interest — shaping the future of work.  

2) Free content made for you

How-to-guides, expert interviews,current events, technical resources and more, all in one place. Vstudio is our always-free home for dealers, distributors and manufacturers motivated to stay ahead of trends. Scroll away or listen on the go and stay current at all times.  

3) Learn from industry leaders  

Industry veterans, association executives and thought leaders come together on Vstudio with a shared purpose: educating the world about the future of work. From high-level principles to practical action items, expect to hear and read no-fluff perspectives on how to prepare your organization for change.  

4) Exclusive invites to Vstudio events  

At Vsimple, we know how to mix business and pleasure. Enjoy exclusive access to leadership seminars, networking events and more. There’ll be a mix of in-person and digital events available only to our members.  

5) There will be bourbon  

If you don’t know now, you will know soon...we love bourbon. Born in bourbon country, Vsimple loves to infuse the national treasure into our content and events. Join us for exclusive bourbon tastings, giveaways, and everything in between.  

OK, we probably should have led with reason number 5 😜. But on a serious note, if there are things you’d like to see in Vstudio, let us know! This platform is built to add value for you, your company and your industry, and we appreciate your insights and suggestions. Cheers to a fun year ahead with lots of engaging content and events!  

Ready to get started? Head to vstudio.vsimple.com to join our free community! 

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