Miss our webinar with Steve Cadigan? Don't worry - we recorded it for you! In this discussion with the Vsimple team, Steve shares how work is changing, what it means for employees and employers, and how organizations can better prepare for a future diverging from the traditional dynamics of employment.

We also answer attendee questions like how to compete for talent at the national and international level in today's remote world, talent strategies for non-software businesses, and how to "manage up" when leadership is not thinking of workforce strategy.

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About Our Speaker

Steve Cadigan

Steve has been at the forefront of global talent strategy and company culture for the past 30 years. Most famous for scaling LinkedIn from 400 to 4000 in three and a half years, Steve also led the development of the company's legendary company culture and was at the helm of the Talent function for its period of the highest growth and through their IPO.

Having worked in five different industries and three different countries while also leading dozens of acquisition integrations all over the world, Steve has built unparalleled expertise for the Talent arena. Steve’s focus today is to help leaders and organizations build winning talent solutions to compete in an increasingly complex digital economy.

Steve Cadigan in a gray suit jacket smiling

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