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Matt Gruden
General Manager

A lot of the pain prior to Vsimple came from incorrect sales orders. We'd go to ship a product, the salesmen never fixed it, and it was a thousand dollars more expensive than it should have been. Based on what I've seen, I think it (Vsimple) will certainly pay for itself in the cost savings through eliminating incorrect orders.

Mike Pospischil
Toyota Lean Manager

The most appealing part of the platform is the overall concept that there is one clear audit trail for every deal - no searching through sticky notes, emails, and files. Anyone (customers, sales reps, and auditors included) can look at the timeline and see exactly how something came together.

Jerry Weidmann

We have seen a dramatic reduction in emails and improvement in workflows with the ability of each person to focus only on the quotes / orders they are involved in. I would rate the Vsimple team as a 5 of 5.