10 Reasons You'll Hate Vsimple

September 27, 2022
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Now that we have your attention, we must admit we’re yet to find anyone who *hates* Vsimple. And why would you? We make life easier for our individual users and business more scalable and profitable for our companies. If we did find a detractor, however, here are the reasons we believe they’d hold such contempt for our platform!

1. You find nothing more fulfilling than a fully filled inbox

If you LOVE an inbox full of “cc” messages, duplicate attachments, passive-aggressive read receipts and communications that are totally disconnected from the projects to which they correspond, you’re going to really dislike Vsimple. We centralize communication and ensure it’s tied to project statuses, documents and other pertinent work info. The horror! 

2. Navigating shared drive folders gives you major Minesweeper nostalgia

When documentation is separated from communication, project statuses and reporting, you get to spend an extra heap of time searching for the right files. And when you finally locate it, let’s hope it’s the most current version. Vsimple is not for you if you enjoy the “thrill of the hunt.” 

3. Work is not a game of speed; it's more of a "run the clock out" situation.

If you’re afraid of getting more responsibility and, gasp, a possible promotion, you’re not going to like the way Vsimple enables you to move your projects forward at breakneck speed. By centralizing and standardizing workflow, then reporting against progress, you’ll be able to eliminate bottlenecks and get more done in less time.

4.  Transparency schmansparency. I have no idea where my projects are and I like it.

You might not dig Vsimple of strategic ambiguity and shrouds of secrecy are your jam. We provide visibility on all goings on, eliminating the needless and sometimes passive-aggressive “check ins.” 

5. Mistakes are part of being human, so why bother aspiring for accuracy?

By eliminating as many manual, repetitive tasks as possible, Vsimple makes it difficult for human error to derail projects. If you’re proud of all your imperfections, though, then by all means, rock the mistake boat! 

6. Excel is my love language

Look, Microsoft Excel is an amazing tool. We don’t know a business that doesn’t rely on it. But when it moves from financial modeling to a project tracker, your love has become an unhealthy obsession. If you can bring yourself to admit it, maybe Microsoft Excel isn’t Mr. Perfect. 

7. Moving data from one document to another is my passion

We all have our strange addictions. If yours is moving information from a checklist to another system or document, we’re really going to cramp your style. Vsimple can automatically map information from one place to another, saving you time (or cramping your style, depending on where you sit on this issue). 

8. Business continuity is for the next person in my chair to worry about

Why would we want best practices to live on through the generations of employees? Well, if you’re not interested in helping those future employees succeed, DO NOT implement Vsimple. We create standardized workflows which ensure the process can’t be decoupled from the place, making it easier to maintain standard operating procedures. 

9. I care about providing customer experience, just don't care if it's good or bad.

If your internal operations are a train wreck, odds are the customer experience is closer to a 2-star motel than a 5-star resort. And if you like frustrated customers who churn frequently, definitely avoid Vsimple and its ability to add speed and transparency to your work. 

10. Filing cabinets provide a nice ambience under those fluorescent tubes

Nostalgia can be a beautiful thing. Filing cabinets cannot. If you can’t let go of your 70s-era office feng shui, Vsimple’s paperless solution is absolutely not for you!

Sound like you? Then you'll certainly hataer Vsimple's tailor-made workflows, easy-to-use dashboards, & hands-on customer support.
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