2021: What a Year for Vsimple!

December 31, 2021

The holidays, while hectic for so many of us, are also the perfect time to pause and reflect on the year that was. Businesses — a collection of people with a shared mission — are no different than individuals in this respect. When planning for the next calendar year, it’s important to take inventory of your accomplishments. That’s exactly what we’ll do here…and we hope you’ll do the same! 

Day 1.5

Technically, day one for Vsimple occurred in 2020 when it was incorporated, but the brand and the product were still just twinkles in the founding team’s eyes. (OK, they were a little more thought out than that, but still not fully formed.) In late Q1 of 2021, our eponymous product went live. Work would never be the same. 

Customer #1

You always remember your first…customer. Like so many startups, we didn’t acquire our first custom through a Google ad or expensive launch event, but through an existing relationship. However, what was different for us was this customer being an absolute powerhouse in its industry. Screw up the implementation, and we’d be screwed. (Fortunately, as this blogger can attest, we’re still here and thinking we’ve done a pretty good job making them happy so far.) 

More ID Badges

Alright, we don’t actually have ID badges. But if we did, we’d have nearly twice as many now as when the year started. Our new employees hired new employees, so the Vsimple family tree is starting to branch in many different directions. We also planted some seeds for a big year of headcount growth in 2022. 

Homier Than Thou

We cut the ribbon (figuratively) at our new digs, a renovated 19th century Baptist tabernacle in the heart of downtown New Albany. Featuring beautiful and original architectural details, open and collaborative workspaces and a first floor event space, the new HQ feels right at home. 

They Like Us (They Really Like Us) 

If you’ve made it this far in the blog post, you deserve to be the first to know. We closed an investment round led by Airwing Ventures and including Elevate Ventures, Render Capital and others. We’ll be investing in our ability to continue building our product and serving even more customers in 2022! 

Well, that’s it. Feels pretty substantial, but our sights are set on even greater things in 2022. We hope you’ll stay tuned for the adventure, and also wish you tremendous success next year (and for many years to come)!