22 Vspecial Milestones From 2022!

December 20, 2022
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A Banner Year of Growth

2022 has been a banner year for growth at Vsimple: a larger team, new features and, most importantly, more relationships with amazing customers and partners. 

Before we turn the page to 2023, and to celebrate all that was accomplished this year, we’ve compiled a list of 22 of our favorite milestones. One at a time was our annual theme, and that’s exactly how you should enjoy this blog post: one milestone at a time.

In typical fashion, we didn’t just show up in Orlando - we showed out! With giveaways, a southern experience cocktail hour and a Bourbon Trail Sweepstakes, we certainly made an unforgettable first impression with Associated Equipment Dealers.

This year would certainly not have been so successful without the financial (and let’s face it, moral) support of our investors. We’re forever grateful to those who saw Vsimple not for what it was, but for what it could and would be.

With all-stars like Katie Duvall, Mack Blincoe and Nick Earney joining the roster, how could we lose? Read all about them over on our team page.

Crypto and NFTs took the tech world by storm in 2021, and 2022 was a year in which many people asked the question ‘why’? Leaders from Louisville-based startup Party Horses used Vsimple’s training and events space to share its outlook with the community. As they say, mi casa es su casa!

Community is more than a buzzword at Vsimple; it’s what we aspire to build every single day. Whether you’re a customer, vendor, investor, industry professional or just a bystander, we want you to be part of our journey. Vstudio is our digital expression of community where we share valuable insights, content and 3rd party perspective with anyone interested in the future of work.  

There were co-branded cocktail glasses with numbered prizes, specialty drinks, Lego forklifts and more at this year’s MHEDA convention. We got our start in the material handling equipment distribution industry back in 2021, and we’ve never looked back! (Except now, of course. We’re looking back in this post right now.)

Speaking of forklifts, we now manage Toyota’s national demo program so dealers across the country can order, track and manage demo units and win more business. Go Toyota, go team!

We mentioned our AED sweepstakes at the beginning of this post, and in November the winners came to town! It was fun touring and tasting at several area bourbon distilleries with our friends from Vermeer. (Rumor has it we all walked away with bottles of Blanton’s that day, too.)

We love manufacturing almost as much as we love community, so we were thrilled to host a monthly meetup in partnership with Louisville Forward which combined the best of both worlds. Kentuckiana is host to an abundance of manufacturing talent, and we’re proud to call many of them customers. 

Our annual theme for 2022 was “One at a Time.” One phone call, one email, one new feature, one new customer, etc. was our approach to everything. We’re proud of the work we do for each and every customer, because those little steps lead to growth and success for all. 

Our friend’s EH Taylor and Rip Van Winkle might have been the initial draw, but soon thousands of supply chain professionals would learn about Vsimple’s ability to transform the operations of dealers and distributors. 

Nothing like cutting your teeth in integrations with the 800-lb software gorilla from Washington. But thanks to a talented product team and customers who continually share their feedback and ideas, we made it a huge success. 

Did we mention we love manufacturers? We welcomed members of the Metro Manufacturing Alliance (a group within 1si) to HQ and even delivered a presentation with a theme of productivity and efficiency in the “front of the house.” The crowd hung on our every word…or at very least kept their eyes open :)  

In 2021, all of our customers were from the same industry. Fast forward to December 2022 and our customers now include dealers, distributors, manufacturers, general contractors, subcontractors and even professional services companies. 

Nestled in the heart of downtown New Albany, Indiana, this 19th century former tabernacle was MADE for our team. With the addition of Vsimple murals, signage and a new events and training center, it now feels like home. 

We were thrilled to partner with Steve Cadigan to bring incredible insights on the ever-changing world of work to Vsimple friends and customers. Check out Steve’s book, Workquake

While our “one at a time” approach holds true, one workflow is typically followed by a second, and so on. We’re continuing to expand use cases with our customers, and the technology is expanding to accommodate! 

A technology company and a tax and audit firm walk into a bar. No, this isn’t the start of a joke, but a wonderful partnership forged to bring Vsimple’s money-saving technology to the manufacturing, construction and distribution clients of Blue and Co., LLC, the leading regional accounting practice. With this unique relationship, we’re combining forces to create an enormous amount of value for Blue’s clients.

What’s better than drinking Kentucky’s chief export? Giving loads of it away. We traveled to all four corners of the US in 2022, and we never left home without a treasure trove of bourbon, even bringing it to a rooftop happy hour in Houston next to a Texas-shaped pool! We find it’s a good ice breaker 🥃

We started onboarding our first non US-based customer. While just a pilot for now, Vsimple’s ambitions extend beyond our borders! 🇺🇲🇬🇧

In partnership with Magic Bell, we created a custom notification system that allows us to fully customize the who, what, when, where and how. The result: the critical “heads up” you need, and none of the noise. 

Okay, so we fit three milestones into one here. Let’s face it: the product team was busy crushing it all year. Automations and rules create efficiencies and safety nets for our customers, and if you don’t know the origin of Kanban, we have you covered with another post. Hats off to the stellar work of our rockstar star product team, and we know the best is still yet to come! 

We hope you enjoyed this look back at all of the major accomplishments in 2022. And if you’re reading this, we assume you either had an active role in the progress or were even just rooting for us from the sidelines. Either way, we appreciate the community around us and look forward to making 2023 even bigger and better. Happy New Year! 

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