The Unparalleled Power of vCRM+ and vOPS

February 27, 2024
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If you’ve landed on this blog post, you’ve probably heard all about vCRM+ but might wonder, what is vOPS? And how do they work in tandem? 🤔

Operating as one seamless, simple, easy-to-use platform, this dynamic duo is the backbone of revenue growth and operational efficiency for dealers, distributors, manufacturers, construction, & professional service companies worldwide.

While vCRM+ and vOPS work together like peanut butter and jelly, they each play a separate role in your business’s operations. 

In this blog post, we’re giving you the complete rundown on both vCRM+ and vOPS, how they work together, and what sets them miles apart from similar software solutions.

What is vCRM+?

vCRM+ is a simple, powerful CRM tailored to your success and optimized for your growth. 

Designed to maximize your sales and allow you to go beyond with your customers, vCRM+ is is built by and for leaders who crave simplicity, customization and support

vCRM+ is unique because it is built-for-you to the way you work. Our talented team of developers build your CRM personalized to your specific process including company language, deal stages, custom fields and more.

Unlike other CRMs, you can always count on fast, personal human support. From day one, you're partnered with a support team that will build, migrate, train, optimize, and support your CRM & more! The best part? They’ll know you on a first name basis - no chatbots, automated answering machines or lengthy wait times here at Vsimple.

vCRM+ provides a truly seamless experience for every member of your team. You’ll be able to see everything pre-sales to post-sales in one place with connected pipelines that unite your organization in a single, simple platform. 

vCRM+ has everything you need & nothing you don’t. Enjoy the features you need without all of the bulk or confusing interface you’ll get from other CRMs. vCRM+ is supported with sales pipeline, lead & contact management, AI insights, activity feeds, deal length monitoring, lead automation, inactivity reminders, focus queues, and integrations.

What is vOPS?

vOPS connects all of your cross-functional processes in one optimized workspace. Some might refer to this type of software as a workflow management or process automation tool (we prefer Operational Productivity System)

Whatever you choose to call it, vOPS optimizes and centralizes your operations in a simple, powerful platform enhanced with AI.

Say goodbye to the archaic systems and pieced together tools that are slowing down your business. vOPS allows busy leaders to avoid letting things slip through the cracks (causing expensive delays), waiting on email responses from team members, spending unnecessary time trying to find information, losing real-time visibility across the business (due to disparate spreadsheets and fragmented documentation), and having to hire extra people just to keep up.

Built-for-you by our talented team of workflow optimizers, your vOPS platform is uniquely yours. Our customer success team meets with you to analyze your process, optimize it for maximum efficiency, and build it for you. Once implemented, they'll train your team and provide platform updates & customer support in perpetuity!

The Vsimple Difference

Most CRMs and business operation software are designed to grow their bottom-line - not yours. That’s why you’re struggling with things like: working in templates that feel impossible to customize, investing gross amounts of money and time without seeing much value or return on investment, overpaying for clunky hard-to-use software, and having to spend extra to get support beyond email or chatbot.

Vsimple is a diamond in the rough because we are truly dedicated to your success. No where else will you find a software solution that is personalized to your process, and fully supported by an in-house team of workflow experts. 

By connecting your operations and sales in one centralized place, vCRM+ and vOPS eliminate the need for all of those clunky, complicated, expensive tools you’re using to piece your business together.

With Vsimple, businesses finally have a partner in SaaS to help them grow their revenue, maximize their profitability, and deliver remarkable employee & client experiences, all while receiving the absolute best support in the software industry.

If you’re ready to dominate your market and accelerate your growth, join the vRevolution. Schedule your free demo today.

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