Vsimple 101: A Quick Guide

April 8, 2021
 min read
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Curious about how Vsimple works? You’ve come to the right blog. We’ll quickly demystify the platform in less than 250 words!  

First, what the heck is it? 

Vsimple is a first-of-its-kind software platform designed to streamline a company’s workflow between quote and cash. Said otherwise, we take all of the documentation, communication, collaboration that happens from the time a project hits your radar until the time you receive payment, and we put it under one roof. 

How do I know if it’s right for me and my company? 

If you or your team is spending a ridiculous amount of time bouncing between emails, calls, texts, spreadsheets, shared drives, portals, etc., we have the fix. We designed this specifically for manufacturers and distributors using an ERP and a hodgepodge of solutions. 

How do we get on the platform? 

We’ll do the heavy lifting here. Well, we’ll do the lifting, but it’s not exactly heavy. We can have your organization’s Vsimple instance running in days. We’ll connect it to your core business systems and show you how to move an order through the system.  We’ll set you up with user management tools, too, so you can determine who gets to use the platform and what access they have. 

It’s that simple! 

What’s the catch? 

There’s no catch. As the name might suggest, the tool is simple and easy to use, but meaningful in its ability to improve process workflow and customer experience.

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