Vsimple - Axispoint Alliance Case Study

December 7, 2020
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My name is Elia Tuatua I am the Chief Supply Chain Officer of Axispoint Alliance, a national distribution company of building materials and sanitation products.

When were you first introduced to Vsimple?
Well, to set ourselves apart in the distribution space we believed that we needed to provide an exceptional customer experience. We created a customer portal that was functional but knew that in order to make the leap from functional to exceptional, we needed help. That’s where Vsimple came in.

How has Vsimple helped you provide exceptional customer experiences?
It allows my customers to login and self-service information like product documentation, order statuses, and shipment and tracking information which saves a phone call or email to my team. This real time order information is how we have moved our customer experience from functional to exceptional with the help of Vsimple.

Have you noticed any other benefits with Vsimple?
Well, internally it provides a space for us to communicate and collaborate on projects with our customers which is key, but what we really like is that all communication is logging in a centralized space. This helps reduce communication errors and allows anyone in our company to quickly get up to speed on any project. This means my whole team can service a customer even if they are not the primary account manager.

What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing Vsimple?
If you are looking to drastically improve your customer experience, then Vsimple is the perfect solution. It has helped us provide an exceptional level of service to our customers and improved their buying experience which we believe is the first step in turning a customer order into a lifelong customer.

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