Vsimple Feature Flurry

October 5, 2022
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We made it to Q4, and Vsimple is not just surviving, it’s thriving thanks in large part to our amazing customers. We listen to every piece of feedback we receive, but with an obsession for simplicity, we focus on rolling out features that not only enhance the way you get work done every day, but are easy to use. 

Curious about what’s new on Vsimple? Look no further. (Well, a little further — you still have to scroll down the page.) 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

If this was 2006, our Facebook relationship status with Microsoft would be labeled “it’s complicated.” While we loathe the overreliance on docs, spreadsheets and shared drive folders and their negative impact on workflow, we recognize the giant technology company from Washington has really advanced the ball in a lot of arenas. Look no further than Microsoft Dynamics, a CRM/ERP for manufacturers that's great at recording financials, inventory and other critical info…data that can be used to complement the work being done in Vsimple. For our equipment distribution customers, this means all customer and order data can be automatically passed to Vsimple, letting you focus on all the communication, collaboration and documentation that comes between receiving an order and collecting final payment. Like we said, huge Microsoft fans 😏

Stage Locker

Standardizing your workflow so it moves through the same predefined stages each time is a great first step. But what happens when unauthorized collaborators try to move it to the next stage? Or when somebody attempts to approve the work, but key information is missing from the record? That’s where Vsimple’s Stage Locker comes in handy. During our personalized configuration process, we’ll make sure the right conditions are met before a project can move from one stage to the next! 

Email Parser

Ever wish somebody else would just read your emails for you? Well now we can! (Just not in the creepy way that might’ve come across.) 

With Vsimple’s email parser, we can take standardized email contents — whether they come from a person or a system — and map them to a new record in our system, kicking off a workflow. Bada-bing, bada-boom. 

Custom Notifications

Perhaps you’re an information junkie who wants to know everytime there’s a keystroke in the activity stream. Or maybe you’re a big picture person who wants notifications only when a project has been sitting in a stage for too long (as defined by you). Either way, our custom notification settings ensure you can get the updates you want, when and how you want them. 


It’s not just a fun word to say, Kanban is the visual medium of choice for many organization aficionados. For a little background on the Japanese term (meaning ‘visual board’), check out our blog post from earlier this year. It’s like we could see into the future (or maybe we were just good at listening to our customers), because now we offer this organizational view right on the home screen! 

It’s an honor for us to work with so many collaborative, imaginative customers who share our vision for a better way to work. If you want to take a tour of Vsimple, let us build you a custom demo based on the process you’d like to corral in a centralized, standardized workplace. Who knows, we might just take a few of your ideas and build them into the platform permanently 😉

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