Vsimple Founder, CEO Featured on Middle Tech Podcast

May 27, 2021
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Vsimple Co-founder and CEO recently shared his story with Middle Tech, a media company exploring startups, tech, and entrepreneurship in the midwest. Well, partly his story, and perhaps a bit of ours as well. Give it a listen here:


And here’s the TLDL: 

Buddy wasn’t given the easy path in life or business, but has always made the best of opportunities largely through his love for people. He loves serving them, working with them, heck...even starting businesses with them! (He’d kinda have to love people to co-found a company with 5 of them!) And, after 20 years in the industry he’s now trying to disrupt, Buddy’s focused on how his company can be a harbinger of technology success in both an overlooked region and for an underserved customer.

Over the course of the conversation, Buddy talks about all these challenges, plus what a big pivot looks like, so we recommend popping in those ear buds and enjoying a truly unique founder story! (Admittedly, this blogger is a bit biased.)

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