Vsimple vs Basecamp

April 27, 2021

When people first learn about Vsimple, they often inquire about which software it replaces or resembles. While it’s clearly in a league of its own, one of the more common comparisons is to the popular project management platform, Basecamp. 

We won’t knock Basecamp (too much), because we have a soft spot for technologies that make businesses more efficient...especially those born between the coasts. That said, Vsimple is clearly the best platform for small-to-midsize manufacturers and distributors who want to streamline everything from quote to cash. We’ll examine the differences, but first, let’s start with the reasons people may see them as digital doppelgangers. 

Both Vsimple and Basecamp are excellent tools for collaboration. They each provide document storage, messaging, task management and a user interface that’ll make computer science nerds blush. That’s all fine and dandy, but if our customer requirements stopped there, we’d simply recommend a Basecamp license :)

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit of differences: Vsimple lets you add external users to your license, free of charge. This is important for smaller businesses which a) may not have the deepest pockets and b) probably plan on growing their teams over time. 

Additionally, we’ve designed Vsimple with features specific to the industry such as case management, because we know not every project runs smoothly. We also have shipment and order tracking capabilities, because we tie Vsimple directly into your ERP. As a result of this integration, Vsimple also provides valuable insights about your business, highlighting opportunities to improve and excel. Best of all, we handle the integration at no upfront cost to the customer.  

We’ll give Basecamp credit where credit is due. It’s a great project management tool, albeit with limitations to manufacturers and distributors we’re focused on serving. So while the comparison won’t hurt our feelings, you’ll have to excuse us for pointing out a few inconsistencies in the resemblance. Most importantly, our commitment to diving into your business, figuring out what’s important and then delivering a tailored instance of our software sets Vsimple apart from other productivity platforms.