Vsimple’s Notification Philosophy: Minimalism

November 18, 2021
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The irony is not lost on us: software companies and solutions sell the dream of minimizing email and then fill your inbox with needless notifications. The worst culprits actually INCREASE the number of daily emails. How’s that for efficiency?

Thanks, Monday.com, for making sure my inbox reaches its full potential!

Recognizing the lunacy of productivity platforms creating more distractions, we approached notifications differently. Here’s a breakdown of how we Vsimplified notifications:

  1. Only collaborate if you’re needed! We’ll only notify you concerning records with which you’re a collaborator. You can remove yourself from a record anytime!
  1. Smart Notifications: The Vsimple platform recognizes if you've already seen a message or file and automatically cancels an email notification.  
  1. Notification Preferences: Never want emails about a particular type of notification? Using notification preferences, uncheck the box voila – inbox zero. (And don’t worry, we will still ping you in the app.) Shoutout to Magicbell for help with 2 and 3!

  1. The multiple notification blocker. Who doesn’t love returning from vacation to a jam-packed inbox on Monday morning? 😉 After you miss one notification, the next email we send simply says “You have multiple notifications to review in Vsimple.” Then, we stop emailing! Click the link in the multiple notification email and you’ll see the full list of things missed while you were out.
  1. The “Don’t Notify Collaborators” Checkbox: Add a file or message to a record for reference without bugging anyone. Simply check the “don’t notify collaborators” checkbox when posting and nobody gets pinged!

Vsimple’s five-pronged approach was formed to dramatically reduce your email volume. (In fact, teams using Vsimple have reported a 50%+ drop in email traffic!) And we love hearing from our customers, so please tell us if you have ideas for making this even email friendlier! We welcome any feedback that helps bring us closer to an email free world.

Henry Lynch

VP of Product, Vsimple  

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