Innovative Manufacturer Reinvents Its RMA Process With "Bargain" Technology

RWM Casters Co. has been an innovative leader in the caster industry since 1935 and is the originator and market leader of kingpinless casters.

RWM's primary mission is to continue developing and manufacturing high value casters, wheels and material handling products that fully satisfy the needs of its global customer base. RWM has built a strong reputation for combining superior engineering experience and talent with modern manufacturing techniques, an emphasis on high quality products and comprehensive customer service.

Gastonia, North Carolina
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Biggest Needs

When it comes to the "what", meaning casters, RWM is second to none. But how work and processes were executed every day fell short of the high standards the company has for itself. An endless loop of emails and meetings, disparate systems and reactive chasing down of information meant things were sometimes slipping through the crack - a challenge both in terms of productivity and customer experience. RWM needed a centralized workplace to manage its orders, RMAs and new product development processes in order to keep up with growth.


RWM worked with the team at Vsimple to tailor a solution for its three initial workflow use cases, and in a matter of weeks the system was up and running. Now, employees no longer need to jump between disparate systems or dig through their emails to find out what's happening at any given time. With Vsimple, company leaders have visibility of statuses and key insights, and team members have a centralized place to collaborate, communicate and execute projects. A classic win-win for RWM.

What We Did

After a brief discovery call, Vsimple was able to document RWM's legacy processes and build optimized versions into the software. After collaborating with the RWM team to configure the platform, the Vsimple customer success team launched the new workplace and assisted staff during the onboarding. With sites set on expanding workflows in the future, RWM described the ongoing partnership with Vsimple as 'perfect.'

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Ronnie Comeau, Director of Sales and Marketing
What our clients say

A Bargain

Previously it would have been handled via email chains, notes in a separate system, a few different ways to pull everything together. Now it is all in one place, you see who is working on it, what stage we are on... and once it is complete, review it. For the dollars we are spending with Vsimple and for what we are getting, it is a bargain.

At a Glance

When you excel at what you do every day, sometimes the 'how' things get done becomes less of a priority. Wary of that happening in its own operations, longstanding market leader RWM Casters engaged Vsimple to build its legacy processes into an optimized, centralized and standardized workplace. The result: more efficient processes, informed leaders, productive people and a better customer experience.

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