Hydraulic Breaker Business Crushes Costly Errors with Vsimple

Toku was founded in 2010 as a fully owned subsidiary of Toku Pneumatic Co. Ltd, to serve the needs of the construction and demolition industries of North and South America. Based in Willoughby, Ohio, the company has spent the last decade building its reputation for quality and customer service.

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Willoughby, Ohio
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Biggest Needs

Toku has a serious commitment to offering quality products and services to the construction attachment industry. But when its own internal processes fell victim to spreadsheet and email overload, leadership knew it needed to construct a better way to manage customer orders. 


Leadership at Toku sought not just a software solution to its problems, but a true technology partner capable of tailoring a workflow platform which reflects the way it works. Vsimple, located a short drive from the company’s 15,000 sq ft warehouse and US headquarters, built Toku’s order management process into a centralized workplace, resulting in a significant reduction in clerical errors and immediate return on investment. 

What We Did

Vsimple’s team of Workflow Solutions Specialists mapped Toku’s existing process, then delivered a simplified, centralized, standardized and workplace. Using automation and custom notifications, the team created failsafes to prevent bad or missing information from causing costly errors or a poor customer experience.

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Matt Gruden - Toku, General Manager
What our clients say

Will Pay For Itself

"A lot of the pain had to do with incorrect sales orders coming in. We'd go to ship a product, and the salesmen never fixed it, and it was a thousand dollars more expensive than it should have been. We won't miss an order or have incorrect orders because of Vsimple. This will certainly pay for itself."

At a Glance

Toku America, Inc. provides demolition-driving attachments to the heavy equipment industry and, as a relative newbie in the industry, it’s spent the last decade building its reputation for quality and customer service. When costly errors started to impact the bottom line and the customer experience, company leadership engaged Vsimple to provide a tailored digital workplace designed to increase order processing speed while eliminating costly errors.

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