Multi-Location Equipment Dealer Holds Off Additional Headcount

ToyotaLift Northeast is a full-service material handling equipment dealership offering forklift sales, service, parts, rental, OSHA forklift training and safety education at all seven of its locations across five states.

As one of the fastest-growing Toyota equipment dealers in the US, it continually must reinvent itself to maintain the highest level of quality and commitment to customer success.

Equipment Distribution
Phoenixville, PA
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Complete visibility across all departments
Faster conversion from invoice to cash
No bottlenecks of approval or authorization

Biggest Needs

With rapid expansion across the northeastern US, ToyotaLift Northeast knew the old way of working was going to cause a problem. Processing customer orders from quote to collections and support meant lots of emails (with lots of correspondents), spreadsheets, more emails and a filing system which could flummox organizational scientists. They knew they needed a solution, but change is difficult and leadership wanted a technology partner capable of facilitating the change seamlessly.


Vsimple delivered a fully tailored workplace, allowing the nine-figure business to continue scaling without the need to add more coordinators to its sales team. The company has continued to tweak and optimize the platform as opportunities to further streamline work are identified.

What We Did

Vsimple mapped the previous process, outlining the steps, the systems and the personnel involved. (It was a big map!) Then, workflow solution specialists created a new process map leveraging a centralized, optimized and automated process. The result was the elimination and consolidation of nearly 75% of the previous steps, allowing the company to get work done much faster and more accurately.

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Mike Carra, Vice President, Sales
What our clients say

Has Been Tremendous

We thought we were going to have to add another sales coordinator, because the processing of orders is time consuming. We don't have to do that. It's been quite seamless. Your team has been tremendous to work with.

At a Glance

A rapidly scaling business relying on spreadsheets, emails and shared drives to get work done can only continue its breakneck growth pace for so long. Enter Vsimple, a centralized and fully-tailored workplace which allowed ToyotaLift Northeast to maintain its pace without the need to throw more people at the problem.

Complete visibility across all departments
Faster conversion from invoice to cash
No bottlenecks of approval or authorization
Personalized data and analytics dashboard