Waste Management Organization Disposes of Excess Emails

A full-service, white-glove provider of waste management services, Wasteology is building a more sustainable world. Striving for excellence in every aspect of the business from the initial meeting through invoicing, Wasteology takes a great deal of pride in the way it does business. The company offers a wide range of services including waste analysis, trash removal, recycling, ESG consulting and more.

Louisville, Ky
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Biggest Needs

The company provides deep assessments for their clients waste needs, producing tailored programs to reduce costs, increase conservation and promote a more sustainable world. But with all of the coordination, document sharing and data analysis, the company's proprietary process was becoming cumbersome.


Wasteology needed an all-in-one tool for communicating, sharing/storing documents, routing tasks and assignments and collecting valuable insights. The company partnered with Vsimple to create an operating system specific to its business process.

What We Did

Vsimple delivered a highly tailored work management system to Wasteology, incorporating all the requirements and requests of the users and stakeholders. After creating the initial version, the team continued to partner with Wasteology to identify bottlenecks, errors or other risks and incorporate additional safety nets into the system. Vsimple also provided fully-customized dashboards so Wasteology's leadership could monitor and manage performance over time.

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Tony Fleming, Chief Information Officer
What our clients say

The Cost-Benefit Was Without Question

People try to use email as a tracking tool, and that never works. We've brought all that together in a single solution with Vsimple. The cost-benefit was without question.

At a Glance

When excessive email traffic and inefficient document sharing and storage mired an otherwise strategic process, a national leader in waste management services knew something needed to change for it to continue growing. Enter Vsimple, which leveraged its combination of technology and personalized service to produce a one-of-a-kind operating system for Wasteology.

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