Preeminent Regional Equipment Dealer Transforms the Way It Goes to Market

The premier distributor of material handling equipment in the Rocky Mountain region, Welch Equipment has been committed to providing solutions for its customers for nearly 40 years. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with branches in Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque, the company is the exclusive Raymond and Toyota forklift dealer in the region. In additional to forklifts, Welch provides a variety of services, systems and solutions for warehouses, including fleet management, integrated systems, storage solutions and specialty equipment that will satisfy any application.

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Complete visibility across all departments
No bottlenecks of approval or authorization
Personalized data and analytics dashboard

Biggest Needs

Aggressive growth begets inevitable growing pains: individuals, departments and systems can become strained as activity levels increase, and leadership can sometimes lack the visibility it needs to identify bottlenecks or areas of the business which need addressed. To account for years of explosive growth and additional planned expansion, Welch needed a better way (and place) to manage business operations.


The team at Welch Equipment engaged Vsimple to initiate a path towards a business operations platform, starting with two key workflows: order processing and employee onboarding. The new workflows are centralized in Vsimple, giving team members the ability to march processes through their stages quickly and accurately, with leadership benefitting from the "birds-eye view" of company operations. Now, they're not only more efficient and less email-reliant, the company can better prepare for future growth with a keen understanding of how things get done every day.

What We Did

Vsimple started its engagement with Welch by documenting process steps, systems and participants. With a clear understanding of how things move through the operations today, the implementation team built a tailored workplace for Welch using its language and data to make it a s"familiar" as possible for the staff. The team continues to work with Welch leadership to expand into new workflows supporting other areas of operation.

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Nick Andrews, VP of Sales
What our clients say

Vsimple has revolutionized the way we're going to market.

Vsimple exposed us to where we can do things better to make our company better and make us more efficient. The adoption of this program, unlike many other software type scenarios that we've been involved in over the years, was the easiest transition that we've had.

At a Glance

When a high-growth equipment dealer starts to really feel those growing pains, there's one company to call: Vsimple. And that's exactly who Welch Equipment called when it recognized the need to optimize its processes, become less reliant on email and create better visibility of the day-to-day operations.

Complete visibility across all departments
No bottlenecks of approval or authorization
Personalized data and analytics dashboard