Aggressive Growth and Hampered Supply Chain Leads Equipment Dealer to Vsimple

Wolter offers new and used material handling equipment, service and training to robotics and automation, overhead cranes and hoists, standby power and generators, railcar movers, storage solutions, complete engineered systems and more. Wolter serves more than 20,000 industrial, construction and commercial customers in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri. Rapid growth and expansion of its footprint led to some growing pains within the business operations, so leadership turned to Vsimple.

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Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Biggest Needs

An unmanageable volume of email and documentation was limiting Wolter Inc's ability to continue growing. Faced with needing to throttle growth, President Jerry Weidmann turned to Vsimple in search of a better way to manage internal operations.


Vsimple created a personalized online workplace for Wolter and its employees across various branches so they could execute their orders with speed, accuracy and better visibility.

What We Did

Not only did Vsimple move Wolter Inc's "quote to cash" activity to a centralized space, it provided a standardized and simplified means of executing the work. Now communication, documentation and information all live in one place, and Wolter is continuing its torrid pace of growth. Vsimple continues to work closely with individual users to refine and optimize the platform as the business scales and unearths new ways to work better.

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Jerry Weidmann, President
What our clients say

We have seen a dramatic reduction in emails and improvement in workflows with the ability of each person to focus only on the quotes / orders they are involved in. I would rate the Vsimple team as a 5 of 5.

At a Glance

Wolter Inc President Jerry Weidmann was fearful the company was going to be forced to slow its growth due to unmanageable processes and systems. He turned to Vsimple to manage supply chain disruptions, aggressive growth and an overabundance of email traffic.

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