Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the bottom line of working with Vsimple? 

It’s very simple. We take any business workflow slowed by manual tasks, emails, spreadsheets, shared drive folders and a lack of transparency and we Vsimplify them with Workflow-as-a-Service. The result: faster processes, higher accuracy and richer insights, all of which ensure a healthier bottom line.

What is Workflow-as-a-Service?

We study your processes, then build them into an all-in-one place for the coordination, communication, documentation and process management. Once we build the demo instance, we work with your team to configure the workflows and train others in the organization, then support your success in perpetuity with new features, added workflows and custom dashboards.

How Is Vsimple different from an ERP or CRM system? 

Enterprise Resource Planners, or ERPs, are useful as financial and inventory “sources of truth” but aren’t useful for managing process/workflow or data visualization. Vsimple can integrate with your ERP to streamline workflows, documentation and data pulls. 

A CRM is a customer relationship management solution which serves two main purposes: a database of contacts/accounts and a sales/marketing automation tool. 

How is Vsimple different from other workflow tools, such as Monday or Asana? 

Unlike traditional project management tools, Vsimple combines a unique front-end process with a highly tailored instance of its platform for each customer. 

We take time to understand (or create) our customers’ process maps, then streamline those workflows on a tailored instance of the Vsimple platform made specifically for the way individual companies work. Said otherwise, we give you a unique online tool to manage your company’s processes (instead of your company having to bend to the capabilities of a platform). 

Additionally, each company is assigned a customer success manager who can refine, update and further tailor the product as more users join the platform. This is provided at no additional cost and never includes 3rd party consultants. 

Will it increase my sales? 

While Vsimple is not a sales/marketing automation tool, it can be used to improve customer experience by increasing order process time and customer visibility to stages of orders/projects.

Will it increase my quality or efficiency of work? 

Yes and yes.

Eliminating errors and reducing process redundancies are key benefits of the Vsimple platform. And with advanced analytics and insights, leaders now have granular visibility of the bottlenecks or friction points in the process so they can be addressed swiftly. 

Does it replace other systems? 

The short answer: It depends. While you’re probably not shedding the Microsoft Office Suite, you will be able to use it as Bill (Gates) intended. It won’t displace an ERP, but any superfluous project management or document creation/storage tools can take a hike. 

Does it integrate with other systems? 

Yes! Chat with a Vsimpleton today about your ERP or other systems vital to business operations, and we’ll collaborate on a game plan that fits your needs.

Is it expensive to maintain? 

Not for you :) 

We maintain and update the system for as long as you use it. Want to see a new feature? Let us know, and we’ll make sure your requests are a priority!

Is it difficult to onboard or use? 

The platform is incredibly user friendly and built by a world-class user experience design team. On top of that, we handle the implementation and training at your location(s). After your team is up and running, our customer success team is just a chat, email or phone call away. It’s part of the Vsimple guarantee!