Letter From the Founder

I write this letter with extreme gratitude for the opportunity to serve our customers, employees and community through Vsimple. What started as an idea – a better way to connect the people who move and make things – evolved into a movement more meaningful than I could have imagined.  

After nearly 20 years of solving big challenges of design and distribution within supply chains, I personally committed to building Vsimple: a company combining its process and software platform to help optimize businesses and, more importantly, the people in them. Because at the end of the day, people are what matter, and helping people is what matters to us.  

Perhaps you’ve heard of the acronym “SaaS” which stands for Software as a Service. Our philosophy is a bit different, and we consider what we do to be “Service and a Software.” You can’t separate the Vsimple approach from the platform. We’ll physically sit with your team, learn your processes, assist in optimizing workflows and then launch a tailored instance of our software platform designed for the way you work. Our team is with you before, during and after the implementation of Vsimple; it’s how we roll. At the end of the day, your success is our success. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver the most value possible to you, your business and your team.  

I look forward to earning the opportunity to prove that value and welcome you into the Vsimple family!

- Buddy Bockweg, CEO

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