The what:

Whether you’re a manufacturer or dealer, managing large equipment orders or rentals is a far cry from 1-click checkout.

The why:

The process includes product configuration, accessories and attachments, financial documents, shipping requirements and more. Add to that numerous departments involved, reviews and approvals throughout and a responsibility to keep the customer apprised of the status, and there’s a lot of room for (costly) errors, or at very least some slow downs.

The how:

By centralizing and standardizing the process, you can execute each step of the process flawlessly and with complete transparency. In Vsimple, failsafes can be implemented to avoid anything ever slipping through the cracks, and analytics show where things tend to stall or suffer errors.

The results:

Customers report 2x faster order processing, 35%+ efficiency gains, elimination of costly clerical errors and a better customer experience.

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Vsimple has been an indispensable partner helping to make us more productive and efficient. Their technology is a difference maker in how we run our business. The Vsimple software provides visibility to processes and helped us to uncover bottlenecks. Ultimately, their software improves our customer’s experience.

Chris Frazee
ProLift Toyota Material Handling

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