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Enjoy faster resolution times, reduced liability and the ability to perform root cause analyses.

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The Smart Incident Management Tool

Creating a system for managing incidents by type not only accelerates the path to review and resolution, but also gives the organization valuable insights about what’s transpiring over time.

Proven paths to resolution
Think of Vsimple as your living decision tree; our system will march employees through the right steps, information requirements and timelines to execute your unique process flawlessly.
Safety nets and escalations
Vsimple can increase the urgency based on time, priority level or other factors, looping in other team members or leadership to avoid anything slipping through the cracks.
Total visibility
Vsimple records can be organized by type, status, date, age, location, collaborators and more. We’ll decide the conditions that make a project relevant to personnel, then build those views to eliminate any unnecessary distractions.
Ongoing Optimization
For the first time, enjoy total clarity of what it actually takes to get things done. Custom dashboards show company, departmental or individual performance by any criteria you consider important. We’ll take those insights and continually enhance your Vsimple workplace to assist in your continuous improvement efforts.

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