Change Orders & RFIs

Manage change orders with ease

Having a defined process is one thing. Building that process into a centralized workplace like Vsimple makes success a certainty. We’ll make sure the right information is captured, the right people are notified and the process marches through the right steps (and on time).

Change Order Management Tool

Streamline your change order management

No more expensive setbacks because stakeholders aren’t on the same page. Just a reliable, efficient process sans any administrative headaches.

When it comes to quality and compliance reviews, good data is critical to initiating the workflow.

We’ll configure your info fields, working with you to define which are required or optional.

Next steps and assignments can be determined automatically based on the input.

Personalizing Your Views

Visualize your most important data in one place

As your business data evolves, it's important to have a dynamic perspective. Craft a tailored view that suits your needs perfectly.

We’ll set up custom views so your team members only see records relevant to them.

Flip between a universal view, a Kanban option or standard rows.

Process Management

Effortlessly coordinate your team's workflow

With real-time updates and progress tracking, you'll have complete visibility into your team's productivity. This means you can easily identify bottlenecks and take action to optimize performance.

We’ll standardize the steps of your order or rental process and track time between stages.

Moving between stages can trigger automatic assignments or notifications. Customized rules prevent unauthorized users from changing the stage or leaving out information that’s required to complete the step.

Order info and documents live within the record, so there’s never a separation between communication and information.

Reporting & Insights

Make data-driven decisions

Dashboards and analytics provide an extensive “lookback” so you can understand the root cause of any slowdowns or misses.

Vsimple’s dashboards unearth never-before-seen operational insights, such as days in stage or error rates.

Optional custom dashboards, calendar views, scorecards and more can take your analytics game to the next level.

Get Started with Vsimple

Getting started is simple. We'll build a customized instance for you in 24 hours, and launch with your business in days, not months.