From the Desk of our CEO: Some Vexciting News from Vsimple!

January 5, 2022
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Dear Vsimple supporters and customers,

I’m landing in your inbox today with exciting news: Vsimple officially closed its first round of institutional funding. In short, this means world-class, accredited investment firms saw tremendous value in Vsimple…enough that they were willing to write meaningful checks to accelerate the company’s growth. Shout out to the amazing firms and individuals who joined our “seed” round! 

While I’ve never doubted the potential of Vsimple, this vote of confidence from seasoned investors bolsters my conviction that we’re building the future of work. Truly, my most heartfelt thank you goes to these groups and individuals who are betting on this future. 

Finally, I want to make absolutely clear my position on fundraising; while meaningful, we don’t view outside capital as a finish line. Rather than breathing easier, the additional resources heighten our sense of duty to create a high-impact company, achievable only by creating the most value for our customers and community as possible. We will continue investing in our people and our platform with the end game of making the daily work of distributors and manufacturers easier, more efficient and equipped for the future.

If you’re interested in reading about all the big milestones we hit in 2021, please check out our latest blog post here.

My deepest gratitude to all of you who’ve supported our journey, either actively or from the sidelines. Here’s to a Vexciting future!


CEO, Vsimple

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