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May 23, 2023
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We’ve all experienced documentation chaos: create something in Word, email lots of attachments (_final2_final, anyone?), print/sign/scan (or upload it to somewhere totally separate for e-sign), then send the executed document to a resting place completely disconnected from your workflow, like a network drive. Phew.

The Foundation of Easy Document Workflows

Ever wonder why documents are created, shared, executed and stored in different places and separated from the actual workflow?

We didn’t get it, either. So we built a work management platform wherein documentation, communication and process management lived in concert. 

But then we took it a step further in 2022 when we unveiled our document creation feature, allowing you to automatically populate information from inside of Vsimple to your document templates.

With creation, sharing and storage already working in concert, Vsimple now adds the final layer to the document stack: execution. 

Finally, Your Document Processes in One Place

Introducing Vsign, the easiest way to securely sign and countersign the legal documents critical to your business processes.

Because Vsign is embedded in our smart work management platform, it’s easier than ever to ensure the latest version of a document is accessible, shareable and executable by the right team members at the right times. 

Whether you’re signing agreements at the end of a lengthy workflow or simply initialing internal approval on drawings, you’ll be able to complete the cycle in mere seconds without ever leaving the platform. Moreover, trigger automated notifications letting others know the document has been executed, or when it’s at risk of falling behind schedule.

Vsimple’s customer success team can even set up rules to prevent unauthorized signers, premature execution or any other unwanted behavior.

Want to see Vsign in action? Schedule a demo today!

The Origin Story

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the announcement is the origin story; like so many Vsimple features, Vsign is a direct result of customer requests. We continue to put the real-world needs of customers first, adding value to the platform every month. 

What do you want to see in Vsimple? Tell us by reaching out to info@vsimple.com

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