Vsimple's 2023: Milestones, Moments, and a Glimpse into the Future!

December 29, 2023
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What a year it has been at Vsimple! As the sun sets on 2023, we're thrilled to take a moment and reflect on the incredible year that unfolded for us. This past year was nothing short of extraordinary, marked by exponential growth, valuable additions to our team, and many amazing new customers.

Our platform heavily evolved this year as we added new features and expanded into new industries. We also traveled the country, attending events and meeting new faces that broadened our horizons and forged lasting connections with our customers.

As the Vsimple impact expanded, so did our circle of friends, creating a tapestry of shared accomplishments and unforgettable moments. Join us as we rewind the clock and celebrate the milestones that set the stage for an even more exciting chapter in the coming year!

Grew Our Team

We unintentionally bookended the year with 2 (v)special additions to the Vsimple team! At the very beginning of 2023, we welcomed Mary Mittel as our new Customer Success Manager, and just last month Matt Stovall joined us as our new Director of Sales! Mary and Matt’s heart to serve and unmatched ability to spot and solve problems for our customers made them the perfect fit for our growing team and we’re extraordinarily lucky to have them. 🤗

Welcomed New Customers

We graciously welcomed several new customers across multiple industries this year including Geodis, Associated Material Handling, Abel Womack, Winnebago Industries, Metro United Way, Raymond West, Liftow Limited, ORI, Manar, Modern Group, Raymond of New Jersey, MRNA, Grand Industrial, Spray-Tec, Healthcare Procurement Solutions, Heuser Hearing Institute, Omni Pools & Scapes, and Thompson & Johnson Equipment.

Made #WebinarWednesdays Our Thing

Mid-year we decided to take a plunge into the webinar world and we haven’t looked back since. Once a month, we hop online for an insightful hour of productivity tips, platform sneak peeks, customer Q&As, bourbon giveaways, and more! It's safe to say #WebinarWednesdays aren't going anywhere in 2024. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on upcoming Vsimple webinars and events.

Celebrated 100 Sprints

This year we surpassed 100 “sprints” of new developments and feature rollouts thanks to Henry Lynch and our talented team of developers! We’re grateful for a team who works hard to continuously optimize the Vsimple platform with updates that make our customers more efficient and better equipped for success.

Made Landmark Advancements in AI

In the ever-evolving world of AI, we revolutionized the way our customers interact with and manage data with the addition of several AI-powered features including AI Email & Document Parsing and AI Dashboards.

Attended the AED Summit

In January, our team kicked off the year at the the annual Associated Equipment Distributors Summit where they had a blast sharing business efficiency insights and bourbon with our new friends in the equipment distribution industry.

Transformed the Platform

We’ll never stop looking for ways to improve and add to the Vsimple experience. This year we added several new features and advancements to our software solutions including vSign & vSign templates, task management, shared views, integrations, new automations and validations - just to name a few!

Gave Away LOTS of Bourbon

We wouldn’t be Vsimple if we didn’t continue the tradition of sharing our Kentucky heritage with customers and friends. Heck, we even created our own Vsimple-branded bottle of brown water! Curious how to get your hands on one? Schedule a demo!

Opened Our Lexington Office

We were long overdue for a second space to call home in addition to our New Albany office. We decided it was only right to place ourselves right in the middle of great bourbon and fast horses! In July, we officially opened our newest office in Lexington, KY. 🐎🥃

Celebrated the Success of Our Customers

This year, 5 out of the 12 dealerships who received a Raymond Corporation Dealer of Distinction Award were Vsimple customers. We’re honored to support the continued success of Abel Womack, Inc., Raymond West, Welch Equipment Company, Andersen Material Handling, and Associated Material Handling Industries, Inc.!

Addressed the Accounting Labor Crisis

In June, we joined the Blue & Co. team for a webinar addressing labor challenges and talent retention troubles affecting accounting firms nationwide. We shared several ways that firms can stay afloat during this crisis by doing more with less. If you missed the webinar, check it out here!

Helped a Publicly-Traded Company Reduce Cycle Time by 50%

Vsimple customer, Evoqua Water Technologies, hit a productivity milestone this year by successfully reducing their contract & approval cycle time by more than 50%. Soon after, they were acquired by Xylem, a global leader in water technologies! Watch our on-demand webinar with the Evoqua team to learn more.

Appointed A New VP of Sales

In April, we appointed Keith McKay to VP of Sales. Keith’s dedication to success is unmatched, making him an instrumental part of our team for nearly 3 years. As VP of Sales, he’s already delivered amazing results for countless customers. Here are few highlights from his time with us!

Made New Friends in Material Handling

We love our friends in the material handling industry! In fact, we love them so much that we’re willing to travel to across the country to events like the MHEDA Southern Gathering in Nashville, MHEDA Women's Conference, ProMat 2023, and the MHEDA Rental & Used Equipment Conference to say hello to familiar faces, make new lasting connections, spread the Vsimple mission, and share some bourbon along the way!

Celebrated Team Achievements

Our team racked up several impressive awards this year! Our CFO, Gary Criscilis, was awarded a 2023 Best in Finance Award Winner, Mack Blincoe was honored as a 2023 Inno Under 25 recipient, Katie Duvall was featured in MHEDA’s journal as an industry expert, and Buddy Bockweg, our CEO, was chosen as an Inno Fire Award recipient!

So, What's Next?

Big things are in store for Vsimple in 2024. As the only platform custom-built for people who make things, move things, build things, and account for things - Vsimple is gearing up for the launch of a groundbreaking addition in the new year.

We're serving our customers like never before with a tool that can automate your processes and reduce costs while improving margins AND help you grow your revenue by better managing your own clients and opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement coming soon!

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